Our concept

Color- & Type consulting

We show you all your possibilities and tricks to underline your personality with the perfect look.

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    Color- & Type Consulting

    Fashion passes, style rests.

    The Color- & type Consulting is an essential part of our Personal Briefing which is included in

    Closet Consultation and Personal Shopping.

    Of course current fashion trends are an important part of the consulting and get involved.

    The much more important thing is your unique style.

    Confident and authentic self presentation is based on style safety. Style is timeless and a very personal thing.

    We will together discover your style and find out how you can express it while underlining your personality in a positive way.

    We will show you which type you are and suggest you the matching colors which let you shine. You will learn how to make use of ideal colors, cuts and accessoires.

    Enjoy a special and professional consulting and get safe and confident in using your advantages.


    We work together with the following companies:

    Madleine Piccinni

    Personal Shopper & Talent Scout