Our concept

Closet Consultation

We help you to discover your wardrobe in a new way and guide you in structuring your closet systematically.

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    Closet Consultation

    Your are busy and need help with your closet? You collect Fashion and cannot break up with your loved peaces?

    We will help you sorting out things you don’t need anymore and overtake the sustaining way of Recycling them. Furthermore we will create new Looks with old peaces and help you managing a new and clear overview of your loved clothes. Let’s bring your closet and your clothes back to shine again!

    Creation of new looks

    of consisting wardrobe

    Sorting out systematically

    We help you to find easy ways of structured outsorting.

    Recycling Old pieces

    There are many ways to recycle your old clothes helpfully.

    Clever Structuring - more space

    New space for new inspirations

    Closet Consulting in 4 steps

    How it work’s


    Personal Briefing + Color & Type check

    Sorting out


    New structure



    We work together with the following companies:

    Madleine Piccinni

    Personal Shopper & Talent Scout