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Closet Consultation

We help you discovering your consisting clothes brand new.

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    Closet Consultation

    Your are busy and need help with your exploring closet? You are a colector of Fashion and cannot break up with your loved peaces? Don’t worry. I will help you sorting out things you don’t need anymore and overtake the sustaining way of Recycling them. Furthermore we will create very new Looks with old peaces and manage a new and clear Overview of your loved clothes. Let’s bring your closet and your clothes back to Shine again!

    Creation of new looks

    of consisting wardrobe

    Sorting out systematically

    We help you to find easy ways of structured outsorting.

    Recycling Old pieces

    There are many ways to recycle your old clothes helpfully.

    Clever Structuring - more space

    New space for new inspirations

    Closet Consulting in 4 steps

    How it work’s


    Personal Briefing + Color & Type check

    Ich besuche Sie zu Hause wo sich Ihr Kleiderschrank befindet.

    Wir werden uns kennenlernen und Ihre Ziele besprechen.

    Darüber hinaus erfolgt eine Farb- und Typanalyse sowie die explizite Körperabmessung um Ihre exakten Maße und Ihre Konfektionsgröße zu ermitteln.

    closet check Sorting out

    Anschließend werden wir Ihren Kleiderschrank inspizieren und gründlich checken.

    Aber was bedeutet das eigentlichkonkret?

    Je nachdem, welches Ziel Sie verfolgen, werden wir:

    • aussortieren, was Sie nicht mehr benötigen oder Ihnen nicht mehr passt, sodass wir schon einmal mehr Platz haben

    Closet Check Resytle

    The look gets finaly perfct with the right Make Up and Hair Styling.

    This is why I collaborate with professional Make Up Artists and Hair Dresser in Palma and Munich.

    If you like this upgrade, you will get a professional hair- and make Up Styling directly after our shopping tour. 

    Enjoy the complete and magic finish of your look! 

    New structure

    To fix your special day, we offer at Your Style 24 a professional speed photoshootig.

    In collaboration with professional photographs in Munich and Mallorca, we upgrade the tour if you like with a little shooting.

    The shooting lasts about 15 minutes and will tae place directly after your styling and the shopping tour. You receive 3 professional retouched shots as well


    We work together with the following companies:

    Madleine Piccinni

    Personal Shopper & Talent Scout

    Your style 24


    If you like to book our services in small groups, it is possible to get a discout or package prices.

    All our services are available as gift cards of course.

    Please contact us for further details.